Our Team

Executive Leadership

Chris Moreau

Chief Executive Officer

As You42’s Chief Executive Officer, Chris Moreau leads the company’s product development and technology strategy. Prior to co-founding Kiz Toys in 2007 with Ashley Johnson, Chris held senior IT management positions at some of America’s largest companies, such as Sara Lee, Wachovia Bank and Milliken & Co. As the former Chief Technical Officer of Blockbuster Entertainment, he built the world’s largest Oracle data warehousing system and IBM SP installation. In addition to being an innovative, visionary leader in global technology, he also possesses the rare gift of true entrepreneurial spirit, having successfully launched several small and mid-cap companies over the past 20 years. At You42, Chris identifies market opportunities and conceptualizes pragmatic technological solutions, while also building partnerships with companies that enhance the mission of You42. Chris has a Master of Business Administration and undergraduate degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Psychology.

Ashley Johnson


Ashley Johnson founded Kiz Toys with Chris Moreau in 2007. That company has evolved to become You42 in 2015. As Chief Operations Officer, Ashley Johnson, directs the activities of all departments within You42 and manages the integration of new businesses around the world into the You42 system. This former luxury home contractor amalgamates his 20+ years leadership experience in business-to-business and consumer brands by setting goals and designing systems through which those goals can be monitored and ultimately accomplished. He is, figuratively speaking, the “nuts and bolts guy” at You42 who gets things done.

Stephen Johnson

Chief Creative Officer

Stephen has been with You42 since 2007, coming on board as the first Chief Creative Officer. He is charged with managing, developing and leading the team of creative managers. Based in the Charleston, South Carolina studio, Stephen ensures that the team managers are well equipped and positioned to bring all design projects to completion. Prior to his years at You42, he served as Production and Creative Director for 3DM Studios where he produced commercial media for Coke, Pepsi, and Hershey’s. He also managed all 3D animation for the Miami Dolphins, the Philadelphia 76ers and Georgia Tech. He holds a degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Computer Art.

Ed Blincoe

Chief Revenue Officer

Ed Blincoe serves in two roles for the company. As Chief Gaming Officer, Ed oversees global game development for You42 gaming studios. He also sets the goals and objectives for Lab42, a research and development company that tracks market trends in the video game industry. Starting out in system engineering and business development, the bulk of Ed’s career has been in international marketing and distribution of games, specifically within the areas of Social, Mobile, Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming (MMO) and Online Gaming. In addition to working with major players such as App Generation, Codemasters, SouthPeak Interactive, and Gametribe, Ed was the former CEO for DNA Dynamics based in the UK.

Alice Thacker

Chief Operating Officer

Alice is responsible for the daily operations of the company. She designs and implements processes, promotes culture, and communicates the vision for the company. She works closely with team members to ensure that everyone has the tools they need to work productively. Prior to joining You42, Alice spent over 10 years in the non-profit sector running fundraising campaigns and managing large scale events.

Kristian Millirons

Chief Tech. Officer

Having 10+ years of experience working professionally in the fields of digital media, software, and game development, Kristian Millirons is a key part of You42. While serving as VP of Game Programming, Lead Programmer and CTO, he has acquired extensive experience architecting enterprise scale applications and highly-scalable distributed systems while managing teams of developers throughout the entire production pipeline from concept to release and beyond.

You42 Staff

Drew Allen
VP Content Development
Oscar Arenas
Lead Animator/VSFX
Hezzie Green
Mark Lee
VP Investor Relations
Tyler Lumpkin
Corey McClammy
3D Art/Comm. Manager
William Olden
Eric Robinson
Creative Director of You42
Jacob Scheick
Lead Programmer
Chris Stephens
3D Artist