Founded in 2007, You42 Inc. is a global entertainment company with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Our mission is to give creators and influencers the power to maximize the monetization of their work while retaining ultimate control. Our social entertainment platform provides a fresh mix of original high quality music, video, and games that are perfectly suited for an audience in step with pop culture.

You42 has developed an open model that embraces the reality of the music business, and is sure to change the industry forever. This is not another fix, but a completely new way of doing business. This team has built a creative economy, from the ground up, to work for everyone

Speech, Grammy-winning lead of Arrested Development

It has been evident for quite a while that the old [music industry] models are broken and just don’t work. Recently Taylor Swift removed her music from Spotify, Apple downloads dropped 14% and everyone seems to be fighting. Lately you can’t find any current music news without negative comments about the industry. While others continue to focus on the piracy problem, we decided to focus on the solution and get people paid

Chris Moreau, CEO of You42

Smashmuck Champions has a pretty diverse roster of characters, and it took a crazy group of mad scientists to assemble such a motley crew... Everything from the appearance to the gameplay of each character is fairly wild and unique, and it's clear that the design team goes out of its way to create avatars that are "not just another frost archer.

Internet radio startup Earbits has found a clever way to get its product to market…


Critter Escape is what you want out of a mobile puzzle/action game. It has a ton of variation, huge relay value, and a clever concept.

While the web-music sector is crowded with established services like Pandora and Spotify, Earbits stands out because it focuses solely on emerging artists and provides fans with a compelling way to discover them.

Indie Ambassador

Critter Escape delivers a delightful experience with its charismatic characters, intuitive gameplay and vibrant graphics.

Joe Wee, Co-founder and Co-General Manager, Chillingo