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Multimedia Platform

You42 allows creators to publish Music, Podcasts, and Videos, all on one platform!

Easy Monetization

Unlike other platforms, You42 is all about giving YOU control. Set your own prices with Premium Content and monetize on Day 1. And the best part is, you keep 100% of your profit!

Channels & Networks

Organize your content with your own Channels. Then join other creators on You42 Networks where you’ll unlock even more opportunities for discovery.

Livestream Events

Another way to monetize on You42, our Livestream Events feature allows you to sell tickets to exclusive live broadcasts, including concerts, performances, podcasts—anything you can dream up!

Mobile Moments

The You42 Mobile Moments feature lets you upload vertical videos straight from your phone! These short clips are easily scrollable, giving you another way to engage your audience and reach new fans.

Curated Discovery

You42 is all about creators. No matter how many fans you have, Networks lets you regain control of everything you’ve worked so hard to build. Instead of vanishing into the ether, your content becomes part of a curated ecosystem that finally unites creators, fans and brands.